New episode alert! Thanksgiving may be over for another year but, we're still in the mood for giving thanks to all of our great listeners who've made requests for episodes! For this week's episode, we were asked by our good friend (and fellow podcaster) Marco Mazzola from the Entertainment Rants Podcast. Marco has asked us to look at one of his favorite movies...Time Bandits, the 1981 Terry Gilliam fantasy adventure comedy!
Sept. 25, 2022

3GD launches the ESCAPE POD!!!

3GD launches the ESCAPE POD!!!

This week sees the launch of the first episode in our new series we're calling the ESCAPE POD.

We're calling it that because it's like a break-out session where any of us, at any time can put together an episode talking alone or with anyone we want to bring in on the conversation.

Our first episode finds our very own Marc Macrina piloting the Pod along with friend of the show and frequent guest, Dean Calusdian as they take on a double feature of 1970s vampire horror with a look at Blacula and Count Yorga!!!

We hope you like it and keep an eye out for more to come from Marc and Dean and also for more ESCAPE POD episodes from the other Dads in the not-too-distant-future!

Thanks, as always, for listening!!!