We have another great episode as this week, Fantasy February begins with the king of the sword and sorcery movies...1982's Conan The Barbarian. This fantasy epic stars Arnold Schwartzenegger in the role he seemed destined to play! After being orphaned by an invading hoard, Conan becomes a slave who, once freed, seeks revenge against James Earl Jones' Thulsa Doom and his snake worshiping cult!
Dec. 1, 2021

Our First Live Show, October 2021

Our First Live Show, October 2021

Just before Halloween 2021, we were invited to be guests, by our friends from Monster Cereal Podcast, at a live podcast appearance at the Galactic Theatre in Warren, RI.

We joined comedian Aaron Leidecker and co-host Tito Rivera of Monster Cereal Podcast on stage for a discussion of the horror anthology movie CREEPSHOW2!

We had an absolute blast and we're looking forward to, hopefully, being invited back!!!


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