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July 16, 2019

Hammer Horror part 3: Brides of Dracula

Hammer Horror part 3: Brides of Dracula

3rd Episode in our Halfway to Halloween Hammer Horror Series

Hammer's follow-up to the excellent "Horror of Dracula" is a well-made, richly-colored sequel which suffers only from the conspicuous lack of Dracula himself!!!  Or does it? For, we we soon learn that he is not all that missed as we have the return of the always amazing Peter Cushing, reprising his role as the heroic vampire hunter and in place of Christopher Lee's Dracula, we have a young, blond Baron Meinster.

Although imprisoned in the family manor house by his mother, Meinster is released from his silver chains by an unsuspecting French teacher, and soon begins to turn the women of the local village into his vampiric brides.

This is one of our favorite Hammer films so join us as we (along with friend of the show, Jason Pritchard) talk about what makes this film so great and why we love it.